Reflective is an adjective that can describe a person who thinks things through, or a surface that reflects light or sound, like the reflective lettering on a stop sign.

To reflect is to bounce back an image, light, or sound. A reflective surface is one that can bounce back light — like the reflective sun shade that you put over the windshield of your car. It bounces the sun's rays away, helping the interior cool. A reflective person is a little different — he or she might have great insight due to taking the time to time carefully about things.

Definitions of reflective
  1. adjective
    capable of physically reflecting light or sound
    “a reflective surface”
    mirrorlike, specular
    capable of reflecting light like a mirror
    causing reflection or having a device that reflects
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    nonreflecting, nonreflective
    not capable of physical reflection
    having or producing no echo
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  2. adjective
    deeply or seriously thoughtful
    synonyms: brooding, broody, contemplative, meditative, musing, pensive, pondering, ruminative
    exhibiting or characterized by careful thought
  3. adjective
    devoted to matters of the mind
    “the reflective type”
    appealing to or using the intellect
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