red carpet

A red carpet is a traditional way to honor someone who's a celebrity or an otherwise distinguished person. Before the Oscars ceremony, people huddle around the red carpet to check out the stars in their fancy tuxes and gowns.

Red carpet is also an adjective meaning "hospitable" or "ceremonious:" "Let's give Grandma the red carpet treatment when she visits!" Hotels often use this term as well: "We roll out the red carpet for our guests." Literal red carpets are commonly used at movie premieres, awards ceremonies, and during the arrival of visiting queens, prime ministers, popes, and other dignitaries.

Definitions of red carpet
  1. noun
    a strip of red carpeting laid down for dignitaries to walk on
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    type of:
    carpet, carpeting, rug
    floor covering consisting of a piece of thick heavy fabric (usually with nap or pile)
  2. adjective
    special treatment or hospitality
    synonyms: red-carpet
    not common or ordinarily encountered; unusually great in amount or remarkable in character or kind
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