To rebut is to argue against something. If your parents say you're too young and irresponsible to drive, you can rebut their claim by ticking off examples of your responsibility.

When you argue against something, you rebut that position or argument. Your school's principal might rebut your teacher's argument that the class is overcrowded by pointing out that there could legally be five more kids in the class. The teacher could rebut the principal's rebuttal by observing that there aren't enough books or seats for the kids in the classroom now. Rebut comes from an old French word rebuter, meaning "to thrust back."

Definitions of rebut

v overthrow by argument, evidence, or proof

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contradict, controvert, oppose
be resistant to
give a defence or refutation of (a charge) or in (an argument)
blackball, negative, veto
vote against; refuse to endorse; refuse to assent
dissent, protest, resist
express opposition through action or words
Type of:
disown, renounce, repudiate
cast off

v prove to be false or incorrect

controvert, refute
Type of:
confute, disprove
prove to be false

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