A quiz is a short series of questions with a quick result. A magazine quiz might tell a reader if "he's into you," or a pop quiz in English class will let your teacher know how far you got (or didn't get) in last night's reading.

As a verb, quiz means to ask a series of questions. A teacher might quiz his students on the material covered in lecture the day before. A mother might quiz her son as to his plans for after school. The questioning meaning of the noun and verb came into use in the mid-nineteenth century, possibly influence by words like inquisitive. Before that, quiz could refer to an odd or unconventional person, a meaning which eventually gave rise to quizzical, still in use today.

Definitions of quiz
  1. noun
    an examination consisting of a few short questions
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    pop quiz
    a quiz given without prior warning
    type of:
    exam, examination, test
    a set of questions or exercises evaluating skill or knowledge
  2. verb
    examine someone's knowledge of something
    “We got quizzed on French irregular verbs”
    synonyms: test
    undergo a test
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    type of:
    question closely
Commonly confused words

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