Doing anything quietly means doing it while making very little noise. When you sneak down to the kitchen for that last piece of pie, you should tiptoe quietly past the rooms of your sleeping siblings.

If the librarian frowns at you, puts a finger to his lips, and says "Shhhh!", it means he would like you to speak more quietly while you're in the library. Use this adverb for anything you do in a soft, hushed, or faint way. Whisper quietly when you don't want to be overheard, and chew your food quietly unless you really want to irritate your brother.

Definitions of quietly
  1. adverb
    with low volume
    “she spoke quietly to the child”
    synonyms: softly
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    aloud, loud, loudly
    with relatively high volume
  2. adverb
    with little or no sound
    “the class was listening quietly and intently”
    “she was crying quietly
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    with much noise or loud and unpleasant sound
  3. adverb
    with little or no activity or no agitation (`quiet' is a nonstandard variant for `quietly')
    “her hands rested quietly in her lap”
    “the rock star was quietly led out the back door”
    synonyms: quiet
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    with agitation or turbulence
  4. adverb
    in a restful manner
    synonyms: restfully
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