1. didactic instructive, especially excessively
  2. hectic marked by intense activity or agitation
  3. cottage a small house with a single story
  4. heritage that which is inherited
  5. kahikatea New Zealand evergreen valued for its light easily worked wood
  6. curettage surgery to remove tissue or growths from a bodily cavity (as the uterus) by scraping with a curette
  7. cachectic relating to or having the symptoms of cachexia
  8. galactic of or relating to a star system
  9. dejected affected or marked by low spirits
  10. carriage dog a large breed having a smooth white coat with black or brown spots; originated in Dalmatia
  11. agiotage a fee charged for exchanging currencies
  12. catechetic of or relating to or involving catechesis
  13. cathectic of or relating to cathexis
  14. cocotte a small casserole in which individual portions can be cooked and served
  15. suction curettage a method of induced abortion
  16. cargo deck the space in a ship or aircraft for storing cargo
  17. clientage relation of a client to a patron
  18. panic attack a sudden attack of fear
  19. jocote common tropical American shrub or small tree with purplish fruit
  20. hostage a prisoner held to insure that another party will meet terms