When people are didactic, they're teaching or instructing. This word is often used negatively for when someone is acting too much like a teacher.

When you're didactic, you're trying to teach something. Just about everything teachers do is didactic: the same is true of coaches and mentors. Didactic is often used in a negative way. If you heard that a movie is overly didactic, that's probably not good. Most people want to see a story and be entertained when going to the movies, and if it feels like the movie is just telling you what to think, that's didactic in a bad way.

Definitions of didactic
  1. adjective
    instructive (especially excessively)
    synonyms: didactical
    informative, instructive
    serving to instruct or enlighten or inform
Commonly confused words

didactic / pedantic

Both words relate to teaching, but didactic teaches a lesson and pedantic just shows off the facts.

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