quantum leap

A quantum leap is a huge increase or a big move forward. You might describe the dramatic improvement in your math grade as a quantum leap.

An advance or sudden change is a quantum leap. You could say that schools in the United States have made a quantum leap in the availability of technology over the past ten years, or that a quantum leap in access to clean water is desperately needed in many developing countries. The phrase comes from a scientific term — in physics, a quantum leap is the abrupt change of a particle from one state to another. The Latin root, quantum, means "how much."

Definitions of quantum leap
  1. noun
    a sudden large increase or advance
    “this may not insure success but it will represent a quantum leap from last summer”
    synonyms: quantum jump
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    type of:
    jump, leap
    a sudden and decisive increase
Commonly confused words

How Did "Quantum" Come to Mean "Really Big"?

The implication that "quantum" is something big and powerful, with a hint of science behind it, is a fairly recent development.

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