psychotic belief

Definitions of psychotic belief
  1. noun
    (psychology) an erroneous belief that is held in the face of evidence to the contrary
    synonyms: delusion
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    delusions of grandeur
    a delusion (common in paranoia) that you are much greater and more powerful and influential than you really are
    delusions of persecution
    a delusion (common in paranoia) that others are out to get you and frustrate and embarrass you or inflict suffering on you; a complicated conspiracy is frequently imagined
    illusory perception; a common symptom of severe mental disorder
    nihilism, nihilistic delusion
    the delusion that things (or everything, including the self) do not exist; a sense that everything is unreal
    somatic delusion
    a delusion concerning the body image or parts of the body
    the delusion that you have assumed the form of an animal
    acousma, auditory hallucination
    illusory auditory perception of strange nonverbal sounds
    an image vivid enough to be a hallucination but recognized as unreal
    visual hallucination
    illusory visual perception
    type of:
    mental condition, mental state, psychological condition, psychological state
    (psychology) a mental condition in which the qualities of a state are relatively constant even though the state itself may be dynamic
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