If you see your teacher morph into a dancing elephant, chances are you’re having a hallucination, or an illusory perception. In other words, it sounds like you are seeing things!

A person experiencing a hallucination perceives things that aren’t really there. A hallucination can involve any of the senses — including sight, hearing, touch, smell, and taste — and often results from a mental disorder or a chemical source, such as a drug.

Definitions of hallucination
  1. noun
    illusory perception; a common symptom of severe mental disorder
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    acousma, auditory hallucination
    illusory auditory perception of strange nonverbal sounds
    an image vivid enough to be a hallucination but recognized as unreal
    visual hallucination
    illusory visual perception
    hallucinatory perception of colored lights
    pink elephants
    any visual hallucination arising from heavy drinking
    visual hallucination of animals; sometimes occurring in delirium tremens
    type of:
    delusion, psychotic belief
    (psychology) an erroneous belief that is held in the face of evidence to the contrary
  2. noun
    an object perceived during a hallucinatory episode
    “he refused to believe that the angel was a hallucination
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    type of:
    the focus of cognitions or feelings
  3. noun
    a mistaken or unfounded opinion or idea
    “his dreams of vast wealth are a hallucination
    synonyms: delusion
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    disorientation, freak out
    a wild delusion (especially one induced by a hallucinogenic drug)
    type of:
    an incorrect conception
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