Don't feel like going to the grocery store today? See if you can send your brother as a proxy, meaning he's a substitute authorized to act for you.

Now, don't get crazy about getting your brother to do everything for you. Running your errands is one thing, but if you're a historian and your brother is an accountant, he is not a good proxy for you when you don't feel like researching your book about Napoleon. And you wouldn't be a good proxy for him in his work. A proxy must be well-chosen to truly act on another person's behalf.

Definitions of proxy

n a person authorized to act for another

placeholder, procurator
Type of:
a representative who acts on behalf of other persons or organizations

n a power of attorney document given by shareholders of a corporation authorizing a specific vote on their behalf at a corporate meeting

Type of:
power of attorney
a legal instrument authorizing someone to act as the grantor's agent

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