1. private citizen a citizen who does not hold any official or public position
  2. Bureau of Customs the agency of the Treasury Department that enforces import tariffs
  3. Branchiostomidae lancelets
  4. broadcast medium a medium that disseminates via telecommunications
  5. victimized of persons; taken advantage of
  6. hypophysectomized having the pituitary gland removed by surgery
  7. fruit custard a custard containing fruit
  8. pentastomid wormlike arthropod having two pairs of hooks at the sides of the mouth; parasitic in nasal sinuses of mammals
  9. victimised of persons; taken advantage of
  10. hypophysectomised having the pituitary gland removed by surgery
  11. rough-textured having surface roughness
  12. provost court a military court for trying people charged with minor offenses in an occupied area
  13. provost guard a detachment under the command of a provost marshall
  14. Pentastomida tongue worms
  15. vasectomize remove the vas deferens
  16. providence prudence and care exercised in the management of resources
  17. Providence the capital and largest city of Rhode Island
  18. customize make to specifications
  19. postage stamp a small adhesive token stuck on a letter or package to indicate that that postal fees have been paid
  20. thick-stemmed having a thick stem

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