Use the word promulgation when you're talking about an official announcement, like a newspaper story announcing a town's new regulations on trash and recycling services.

A public notice or announcement can be called a promulgation, though it's used more often to describe a government's declaration — often in the newspaper or on the radio — of new laws. If you want to sound especially formal or fancy, you can call your book club's notification of a venue change a promulgation. It comes from the Latin promulgare, "make publicly known," itself a combination of pro, "out," and mulgere, "to cause to come forth," or literally, "to milk."

Definitions of promulgation
  1. noun
    a public statement containing information about an event that has happened or is going to happen
    “the promulgation was written in English”
    synonyms: announcement
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    (Christianity) the announcement to the Virgin Mary by the angel Gabriel of the incarnation of Christ
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    an announcement that usually advises or warns the public of some threat
    a public announcement of a proposed marriage
    handout, press release, release
    an announcement distributed to members of the press in order to supplement or replace an oral presentation
    an announcement containing information about an event
    program, programme
    an announcement of the events that will occur as part of a theatrical or sporting event
    wanted notice, wanted poster
    a public announcement by a law enforcement agency that they desire to question or arrest some person
    (law) a formal notice filed with a court or officer to suspend a proceeding until filer is given a hearing
    necrology, obit, obituary
    a notice of someone's death; usually includes a short biography
    a theatrical program
    a program for a race meeting; lists the races and the names of the horses
    International Wanted Notice, Red Notice
    an Interpol notice describing a wanted person and asking that he or she be arrested with a view to extradition; a wanted notice that is issued by Interpol at the request of an Interpol member country and distributed to all member countries
    type of:
    a message that is stated or declared; a communication (oral or written) setting forth particulars or facts etc
  2. noun
    the official announcement of a new law or ordinance whereby the law or ordinance is put into effect
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    type of:
    announcement, annunciation, declaration, proclamation
    a formal public statement
  3. noun
    the formal act of proclaiming; giving public notice
    “his promulgation of the policy proved to be premature”
    synonyms: proclamation
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    type of:
    act, deed, human action, human activity
    something that people do or cause to happen
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