If you’ve been trying to get anyone and everyone to go see your friend’s band perform, then you could call yourself a promoter of that band. A promoter is a supporter, advocate, or booster for a person, group, or event.

A promoter is an active supporter of something. A promoter of democracy, for example, is someone who tries to spread democracy throughout the world. Being a promoter is also a profession; one might be hired to make arrangements and generate publicity for some form of public entertainment, like a boxing match or a concert. Perhaps if you tell enough people about your friend's band, the band will hire you as its official promoter.

Definitions of promoter

n someone who is an active supporter and advocate

booster, plugger
someone who stands in front of a show (as at a carnival) and gives a loud colorful sales talk to potential customers
Type of:
adman, advertiser, advertizer
someone whose business is advertising

n a sponsor who books and stages public entertainments

impresario, showman
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Phineas Taylor Barnum
United States showman who popularized the circus (1810-1891)
William Frederick Cody
United States showman famous for his Wild West Show (1846-1917)
Sergei Pavlovich Diaghilev
Russian ballet impresario who founded the Russian ballet and later introduced it to the West (1872-1929)
Richard D'Oyly Carte
English impresario who brought Gilbert and Sullivan together and produced many of their operettas in London (1844-1901)
Solomon Hurok
United States impresario who was born in Russia (1888-1974)
Charles Ringling
United States showman whose song-and-dance troop evolved into a circus (1863-1926)
exhibitioner, exhibitor, shower
someone who organizes an exhibit for others to see
a street musician who plays a hand organ or hurdy-gurdy
porn merchant, pornographer
someone who presents shows or sells writing or pictures that are sexually explicit in violation of the community mores
Type of:
booker, booking agent
someone who engages a person or company for performances

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