If there's a preponderance of something, there is A LOT of it. If you are a prosecutor, you are looking for a preponderance of evidence to convince the jury that the defendant is guilty.

The noun preponderance can also mean "superiority in weight or significance." This meaning is particularly reflective of the word's Latin roots in the word praeponderare, which means "outweigh." The noun can also mean "superiority in influence or importance." A country's economic preponderance, for example, might give it greater influence in international relations.

Definitions of preponderance

n exceeding in heaviness; having greater weight

“the least preponderance in either pan will unbalance the scale”
Type of:
heaviness, weightiness
the property of being comparatively great in weight

n superiority in power or influence

“the preponderance of good over evil”
“the preponderance of wealth and power”
Type of:
power, powerfulness
possession of controlling influence

n a superiority in numbers or amount

“a preponderance of evidence against the defendant”
Type of:
figure, number
the property possessed by a sum or total or indefinite quantity of units or individuals

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