Something premeditated is planned in advanced and has a purpose behind it. In other words, it's no accident. A premeditated crime involves careful planning and research before it happens.

Premeditated comes from a combination of two Latin words: pre, meaning "before," and meditat, meaning “to ponder.” If you ponder — or think about — something before you act, that makes it premeditated. If you watch a lot of TV crime dramas, you may be familiar with the term "premeditated murder." This means that the murderer didn't just lose his temper and kill someone in the moment — instead, he went after a specific person on purpose.

Definitions of premeditated
  1. adjective
    characterized by deliberate purpose and some degree of planning
    “a premeditated crime”
    resulting from one's intentions
    designed or carried out according to a plan
    aforethought, planned, plotted
    planned in advance
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    not premeditated
    without apparent forethought or prompting or planning
    without forethought
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