Something that's predestinate has been planned or arranged already — there's no way to change its outcome. Some religious observers believe that life is predestinate, willed by God.

If you believe that people have free will, the ability to make decisions that change the course of their lives, then you don't agree that everything is predestinate. If, however, you think God or fate or nature has already determined what will happen to you, you believe in a predestinate life. This adjective comes from the Old French prédestiner, "ordain of God," from the Latin root praedestinare, "determine beforehand."

Definitions of predestinate

adj established or prearranged unalterably

“a sense of predestinate inevitability about it”
foreordained, predestined
certain, sure
certain to occur; destined or inevitable

v foreordain by divine will or decree

foreordain, predestine
Type of:
determine beforehand

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