Something that is practicable is something that can be reasonably done. Look at the word within the word, practice, plus the suffix -able, and you have something that is able to be put into practice, or practicable.

Practicable is an adjective built from the word practice and can thus be traced to the Medieval Latin verb practicare and the Medieval French pratiquer, both of which meant "to practice." With the addition of a "c" to remind us of "practice," the French praticable, "able to be put into practice," became the English practicable.

Definitions of practicable
  1. adjective
    capable of being done with means at hand and circumstances as they are
    synonyms: executable, feasible, viable, workable
    capable of happening or existing
  2. adjective
    usable for a specific purpose
    “a practicable solution”
    synonyms: operable
    concerned with actual use or practice
Commonly confused words

practical / practicable

Choosing between practical ("sensible") and practicable ("possible") often depends on context.

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