Anything operable can be used, or it can be operated on. Now that you've replaced the flat tire on your bike, it's operable. And that boil on the tip of your nose? That's also operable (Whew!).

Things that work or are ready to be of service are operable, like the vacuum cleaner that's been tuned up and has a brand new bag in it, your new waffle iron that you've seasoned and plugged in, or the mayor's extensive plan for reducing homelessness. Another, much more medical way to use this adjective is to mean "able to be treated with an operation," like an operable knee problem or operable skin cancer.

Definitions of operable

adj fit or ready for use or service

functional, operational, usable, useable
ready for service or able to give long service

adj usable for a specific purpose

“an operable plan”
concerned with actual use or practice

adj capable of being treated by surgical operation

“an operable cancer”
not suitable for surgery

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