Things that are political have to do with government, elections, and how society is run. Congress, state representatives, even county council members are all part of our political system.

The Republicans and Democrats are the two main political parties in America — they support political candidates that run for office. The major things that politicians discuss, like balancing the budget, raising taxes, and immigration laws, are political issues. But if someone gets a promotion just because they're friends with the boss, you'd also say it was totally political. In other words, they got ahead because of their connections rather than their qualifications, just like a lot of politicians.

Definitions of political
  1. adjective
    involving or characteristic of politics or parties or politicians
    “"calling a meeting is a political act in itself"- Daniel Goleman”
    political pressure”
    “a political machine”
    political office”
    political policy”
    relating to or dealing with the affairs or structure of government or politics or the state
    concerned with policy, not administration
    political in some (but not all) aspects
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    not political
    apolitical, unpolitical
    politically neutral
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  2. adjective
    of or relating to the profession of governing
    political career”
  3. adjective
    of or relating to your views about social relationships involving authority or power
    political opinions”
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