A pickle is a food that's made by soaking vegetables in brine or vinegar. If you are wondering what that crunchy green wedge beside your sandwich is, it just may be a pickle.

While the most familiar pickles in the US are the thin disks or small, crunchy pickled cucumbers you can buy in jars, there are many other kinds of pickles. You can pickle just about any vegetable, from beets to okra to cucumbers — or even hard boiled eggs. In South Asian cuisines, pickle is a delicious spicy relish served aside many dishes. And if you find yourself in a really messy situation, you can say, "Wow, what a pickle."

Definitions of pickle
  1. noun
    vegetables (especially cucumbers) preserved in brine or vinegar
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    any of various small cucumbers pickled whole
    pickled flower buds used as a pungent relish in various dishes and sauces
    dill pickle
    pickle preserved in brine or vinegar flavored with dill seed
    sweet pickle
    pickle cured in brine and preserved in sugar and vinegar
    bread and butter pickle
    thinly sliced sweet pickles
    type of:
    spicy or savory condiment
  2. verb
    preserve in a pickling liquid
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    type of:
    keep, preserve
    prevent (food) from rotting
  3. noun
    informal terms for a difficult situation
    synonyms: fix, hole, jam, kettle of fish, mess, muddle
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    dog's breakfast, dog's dinner
    a poor job; a mess
    type of:
    a condition or state of affairs almost beyond one's ability to deal with and requiring great effort to bear or overcome
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