A phalanx is a tightly knit group of people or things, like an army troop or a bunch of fans of the same band.

Phalanx refers to any tightly formed group of soldiers or officers, and historically defines a body of Macedonian infantry whose shields overlapped. From that sense, it came to mean any close-knit group. Another definition of phalanx — any bone in a finger or toe — also came out of the military sense: these bones work together closely, just like a military phalanx. The plural for these bones is phalanges, while the plural for the other senses is phalanxes.

Primary Meanings of phalanx

any closely ranked crowd of people
any of the bones of the fingers or toes
Full Definitions of phalanx

n any closely ranked crowd of people

Type of:
a large number of things or people considered together

n a body of troops in close array

Type of:
force, military force, military group, military unit
a unit that is part of some military service

n any of the bones of the fingers or toes

Type of:
bone, os
rigid connective tissue that makes up the skeleton of vertebrates

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