If something is permissible, then it is allowed. If it's not permissible then you probably shouldn't be doing it.

If someone asked you, "Is it permissible for me to have a cupcake?" they're asking very formally for your permission to dig in. Usually the word permissible has to do with laws, rules, and what's generally acceptable. It's not permissible to take your pants off in public, for example. Wearing a hat inside is permissible according to the law, but it's not permissible according to church customs or your grandma's rules.

Definitions of permissible
  1. adjective
    that may be permitted especially as according to rule
    permissible behavior in school”
    “a permissible tax deduction”
    synonyms: allowable
    capable of being borne or endured
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    not permitted
    forbidden, out, prohibited, proscribed, taboo, tabu, verboten
    excluded from use or mention
    unsuitable or forbidden as a topic of conversation
    forbidden to the touch
    intolerable, unbearable, unendurable
    incapable of being put up with
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  2. adjective
    that may be accepted or conceded
    “a kind of speculation that was permissible in cosmology but inadmissible in medicine”
    deserving to be admitted
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