When you can't tolerate something, it's unendurable. The vintage camper your parents bought might smell so terrible that it's unendurable.

Use the adjective unendurable to describe situations that are truly impossible to bear, like the unendurable pain of losing a beloved friend. You can also use the word to emphasize the negative qualities of something: "This math class is unendurable — I'm transferring to modern dance." When you can endure something, you can stand it, even if it's hard. Endure comes from the Latin indurare, "make hard" or "harden the heart against."

Definitions of unendurable
  1. adjective
    incapable of being put up with
    synonyms: intolerable, unbearable
    not permitted
    very difficult to accept or bear
    impossible, insufferable, unacceptable, unsufferable
    used of persons or their behavior
    not able to be supported or defended
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    capable of being borne or endured
    allowable, permissible
    that may be permitted especially as according to rule
    bearable, endurable, sufferable, supportable
    capable of being borne though unpleasant
    resistant, tolerant
    able to tolerate environmental conditions or physiological stress
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