A peregrine is a fairly common type of raptor, or hunting bird. While peregrines are about the size of a crow, they are much fiercer predators.

You can also call a peregrine a peregrine falcon. In falconry, the training of hawks and falcons for hunting, peregrines are popular. These birds are found everywhere on earth with just a few exceptions. The word peregrine has a Latin root, peregrinus, "coming from foreign parts" — these birds tend to be caught during migration rather than taken from the nest. Peregrine is also used to simply mean "migratory" or "foreign."

Definitions of peregrine

n a widely distributed falcon formerly used in falconry

Falco peregrinus, peregrine falcon
falcon-gentil, falcon-gentle
female falcon especially a female peregrine falcon
Type of:
diurnal birds of prey having long pointed powerful wings adapted for swift flight

adj migratory

“believed the profession of a peregrine typist would have a happy future”
mobile, nomadic, roving, wandering
not settled or established

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