A parsimonious person is unwilling to spend a lot of money. You know those people who count up every penny when it's time to split a restaurant bill? You can call them parsimonious. Or cheap.

Stingy is the most common and general synonym of parsimonious, but there are many other near synonyms, including thrifty, frugal, penurious, niggardly, penny-pinching, miserly, tight-fisted, tight. The adjective parsimonious was formed in English from the noun parsimony, "the quality of being careful in spending." It is a combination of the Latin verb parcere, "to spare," plus an Old French suffix –ous, "having the quality of."

Definitions of parsimonious

adj excessively unwilling to spend

parsimonious thrift relieved by few generous impulses”
stingy, ungenerous
unwilling to spend

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