Something that's overdue should have happened or been dealt with a long time ago, like the long overdue recognition for the people who rescued motorists in last winter's big snowstorm.

Overdue literally means "past the due date." Bills that aren't paid on time are overdue. So are library books not returned or renewed by the date specified by the library. However, some things that are overdue don't have a particular date associated with them. Instead, it is up to subjective perception: if it seems "too long" then something may be considered overdue, like an overdue visit from a friend or a positive change that's overdue.

Definitions of overdue
  1. adjective
    past due; not paid at the scheduled time
    “an overdue installment”
    synonyms: delinquent
    owed and payable immediately or on demand
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Commonly confused words

overdue / overdo

If you're overdue for a trip to the gym, be careful not to overdo it on the exercise when you get there — otherwise you'll be sore. Anything overdue should have happened already, but to overdo something is to do too much of it.

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