Things that are due are owed — it's time to come up with them. Loans, library books, and school assignments usually have a due date.

The first question students usually ask when given an assignment is "When is it due?" The word due has to do with deadlines and things that are owed. When you're time is up on a library book, it's due. Many bills — such as cable and phone bills — are due once a month. If you miss a due date, you could be in trouble: you might get a bad grade on your paper or the cable guy might take away your favorite stations.

Definitions of due

n that which is deserved or owed

“give the devil his due
Type of:
an abstract idea of that which is due to a person or governmental body by law or tradition or nature

n a payment that is due (e.g., as the price of membership)

“the society dropped him for non-payment of dues
Type of:
fixed charge, fixed cost, fixed costs
a periodic charge that does not vary with business volume (as insurance or rent or mortgage payments etc.)

adj owed and payable immediately or on demand

“payment is due
subject to a demand for payment before due date
cod, collect
payable by the recipient on delivery
collectable, collectible, payable
subject to or requiring payment especially as specified
delinquent, overdue
past due; not paid at the scheduled time
awaiting payment
calling for the spending of cash
subject to repayment
not yet payable

adj scheduled to arrive

“the train is due in 15 minutes”
considered likely or probable to happen or arrive

adj suitable to or expected in the circumstances

“all due respect”
due cause to honor them”
“a long due promotion”
“in due course”
due esteem”
“exercising due care”
not appropriate or proper (or even legal) in the circumstances

adj capable of being assigned or credited to

“the cancellation of the concert was due to the rain”
ascribable, imputable, referable
capable of being attributed

adv directly or exactly; straight

“went due North”

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