An outcrop is an area of land where the underlying rocks are exposed. You can see many rocky outcrops throughout Shenandoah National Park in Virginia.

The term outcrop and the alternative outcropping come from the "head or sprout" meaning of crop, from the idea of seeing the "head" of the rock below. Most of the earth's land surface is covered with soil and plants, but in areas where erosion has worn these away, you can see outcrops of the bedrock beneath. These outcrops can be low, flat sheets of rock, or taller rocky expanses along the edges of mountain ridges.

Definitions of outcrop
  1. noun
    the part of a rock formation that appears above the surface of the surrounding land
    synonyms: outcropping, rock outcrop
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    something to which a mountain climber's rope can be secured
    an outcropping of rock that extends outward
    type of:
    rock, stone
    a lump or mass of hard consolidated mineral matter
  2. verb
    appear on the surface, come to the surface on the ground
    “Big boulders outcropped
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    type of:
    come into sight or view
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