1. anaclitic of or related to relationships that are characterized by the strong dependence of one person on another
  2. anacoluthic of or related to syntactic inconsistencies of the sort known as anacoluthons
  3. nucleated having a nucleus or occurring in the nucleus
  4. nucleotide a phosphoric ester of a nucleoside
  5. ankylotic relating to or characteristic of the abnormality ankylosis
  6. niggling (informal) small and of little importance
  7. decolletage a low-cut neckline on a woman's dress
  8. naval attache a military attache who is a commissioned or warrant officer in a navy
  9. New Caledonia an island to the to the east of Australia and to the north of New Zealand
  10. cachectic relating to or having the symptoms of cachexia
  11. rachitic affected with, suffering from, or characteristic of rickets
  12. analytic using or skilled in using analysis
  13. basaltic of or relating to or containing basalt
  14. megalithic of or relating to megaliths or the people who erected megaliths
  15. cachalot large whale with a large cavity in the head containing spermaceti and oil; also a source of ambergris
  16. tachylite a basic or basalt glass
  17. alkalotic marked by alkalosis (or a tendency toward alkalosis)
  18. nickelodeon a cabinet containing an automatic record player
  19. machilid wingless insect living in dark moist places as under dead tree trunks; they make erratic leaps when disturbed
  20. faculty an inherent cognitive or perceptual power of the mind

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