Myopic is an adjective meaning shortsighted in every sense. Whether you need glasses or a new attitude, if you can't see the forest for the trees, you're myopic.

Myopic began as a description of the condition that made people squint and was easily cured with a pair of pink cat-eye glasses, but it came to include people or plans with a lack of foresight. Although it's good to live in the moment, it's not a compliment to be called myopic — a myopic party host might have festive decorations but no food for hungry guests, and myopic students have no interest in anything beyond what's on the test. In terms of pronunciation: it's a tomato/tomahto word: pronounce it "my-OP-ick" or "my-OH-pick," although that short o sound is preferred.

Definitions of myopic

adj unable to see distant objects clearly

nearsighted, shortsighted
farsighted, presbyopic
able to see distant objects clearly
eagle-eyed, farseeing, keen-sighted, longsighted
capable of seeing to a great distance
hypermetropic, hyperopic
abnormal ability to focus of distant objects
capable of discerning distant objects
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adj lacking foresight or scope

myopic thinking”
short, shortsighted, unforesightful
not provident; not providing for the future

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