Muddiness is the sloppy, damp, dirty state of wet earth. You can also use muddiness for confusion or vagueness: "The muddiness of the writing made that book impossible to finish."

You can use this noun for the muddy ground beside a pond — its muddiness might make you decide to run home and grab your boots. Figuratively, muddiness describes anything that's vague or unclear, like the muddiness of your friend's logic in her hastily written essay. Sometimes sound is described this way too, if it's undefined or blurry: "I'm not a fan of that dissonant muddiness. I like songs I can sing along with."

Definitions of muddiness

n the wetness of ground that is covered or soaked with water

“the water's muddiness made it undrinkable”
sloppiness, wateriness
Type of:
the condition of containing or being covered by a liquid (especially water)

n the quality of being cloudy

cloudiness, murkiness
turbidity, turbidness
muddiness created by stirring up sediment or having foreign particles suspended
haziness, mistiness, steaminess, vaporousness, vapourousness
cloudiness resulting from haze or mist or vapor
Type of:
opacity, opaqueness
the quality of being opaque to a degree; the degree to which something reduces the passage of light

n a mental state characterized by a lack of clear and orderly thought and behavior

confusedness, confusion, disarray, mental confusion
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confusion (usually transient) about where you are and how to proceed; uncertainty as to direction
mental turmoil
daze, fog, haze
confusion characterized by lack of clarity
confusion resulting from lack of preparation
jamais vu
the experience of being unfamiliar with a person or situation that is actually very familiar; associated with certain types of epilepsy
bafflement, befuddlement, bemusement, bewilderment, mystification, obfuscation, puzzlement
confusion resulting from failure to understand
trouble or confusion resulting from complexity
culture shock
a condition of disorientation affecting someone who is suddenly exposed to an unfamiliar culture or way of life or set of attitudes
closed book, enigma, mystery, secret
something that baffles understanding and cannot be explained
maze, snarl, tangle
something jumbled or confused
dilemma, quandary
state of uncertainty or perplexity especially as requiring a choice between equally unfavorable options
Type of:
cognitive state, state of mind
the state of a person's cognitive processes

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