Mourning is a time of sadness because of a loss. When you're in mourning after a loved one dies, it is good to lean on your friends who understand why you are so sad.

Mourning is an expression of grief or a time of grieving that follows a loved one's death or other serious loss. Depression, confusion, even losing interest in friends and social activities all can occur when someone is in mourning. An old-fashioned meaning of mourning is specifically the black clothing people traditionally wear following a death. Don't confuse mourning with morning, the early part of the day.

Definitions of mourning
  1. noun
    state of sorrow over the death or departure of a loved one
    synonyms: bereavement
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    type of:
    sadness, sorrow, sorrowfulness
    the state of being sad
  2. noun
    the passionate and demonstrative activity of expressing grief
    synonyms: lamentation
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    type of:
    any specific behavior
    expression, manifestation, reflection, reflexion
    expression without words
  3. adjective
    sorrowful through loss or deprivation
    synonyms: bereaved, bereft, grief-stricken, grieving, sorrowing
    experiencing or marked by or expressing sorrow especially that associated with irreparable loss
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