military operation

Definitions of military operation

n activity by a military or naval force (as a maneuver or campaign)

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Meuse-Argonne operation
an American operation in World War I (1918); American troops under Pershing drove back the German armies which were saved only by the armistice on November 11
Operation Desert Storm
the United States and its allies defeated Iraq in a ground war that lasted 100 hours (1991)
First Crusade
a Crusade from 1096 to 1099; captured Jerusalem and created a theocracy there
Second Crusade
a Crusade from 1145 to 1147 that failed because of internal disagreements among the crusaders and led to the loss of Jerusalem in 1187
Third Crusade
a Crusade from 1189 to 1192 led by Richard I and the king of France that failed because an army torn by dissensions and fighting on foreign soil could not succeed against forces united by religious zeal
Fourth Crusade
a Crusade from 1202 to 1204 that was diverted into a battle for Constantinople and failed to recapture Jerusalem
Fifth Crusade
a Crusade under papal control from 1218 to 1221 that achieved military victories but failed when dissension arose over accepting the terms they had been offered
Sixth Crusade
a Crusade from 1228 to 1229 led by the Holy Roman Emperor Frederick II who fell ill and was excommunicated by the Pope; by negotiation Frederick II was able to crown himself king of Jerusalem
Seventh Crusade
a Crusade initiated in 1248 after the loss of Jerusalem in 1244 and defeated in 1249
Dardanelles campaign
the unsuccessful campaign in World War I (1915) by the English and French to open a passage for aid to Russia; defeated by the Turks
an amphibious evacuation in World War II (1940) when 330,000 Allied troops had to be evacuated from the beaches in northern France in a desperate retreat under enemy fire
World War II (February 1944); American infantry landed and captured a Japanese stronghold
a battle in the Korean War (1950); United States forces landed at Inchon
invasion of Iwo
a bloody and prolonged operation on the island of Iwo Jima in which American marines landed and defeated Japanese defenders (February and March 1945)
an amphibious assault in the Pacific in World War II (January 1944); American forces landed and captured a Japanese air base
Leyte invasion
a battle in World War II; the return of United States troops to the Philippines began with landings on Leyte Island in October 1944; the battle marked first use of kamikaze aircraft by the Japanese
Okinawa campaign
a campaign in the closing days of World War II in the Pacific (April to June 1945); in savage close-quarter fighting United States marines and regular army troops took the island from the Japanese; considered the greatest victory of the Pacific campaign for the Americans
Petersburg Campaign
the final campaign of the American Civil War (1864-65); Union forces under Grant besieged and finally defeated Confederate forces under Lee
US forces captured the island from the Japanese in July 1944; it was an important air base until the end of World War II
a battle in World War II; the port was captured by United States troops in September 1943
battles in World War II in the Pacific (November 1943); United States Marines took the islands from the Japanese after bitter fighting
Battle of Wake Island
in December 1941 the island was captured by the Japanese after a gallant last-ditch stand by a few hundred United States marines
Wilderness Campaign
American Civil War; a series of indecisive battles in Grant's campaign (1864) against Lee in which both armies suffered terrible losses
September 11
the day in 2001 when Arab suicide bombers hijacked United States airliners and used them as bombs
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combined operation
a military operation carried out cooperatively by two or more allied nations or a military operation carried out by coordination of sea, land, and air forces
maneuver, manoeuvre, simulated military operation
a military training exercise
campaign, military campaign
several related operations aimed at achieving a particular goal (usually within geographical and temporal constraints)
naval campaign
an operation conducted primarily by naval forces in order to gain or extend or maintain control of the sea
military mission, mission
an operation that is assigned by a higher headquarters
reenforcement, reinforcement, support
a military operation (often involving new supplies of men and materiel) to strengthen a military force or aid in the performance of its mission
attack, onrush, onset, onslaught
(military) an offensive against an enemy (using weapons)
offence, offense, offensive
the action of attacking an enemy
peacekeeping, peacekeeping mission, peacekeeping operation
the activity of keeping the peace by military forces (especially when international military forces enforce a truce between hostile groups or nations)
amphibious operation
a military operation by both land and sea forces
information gathering
the act of collecting information
psychological operation, psyop
military actions designed to influence the perceptions and attitudes of individuals, groups, and foreign governments
covert operation
an intelligence operation so planned as to permit plausible denial by the sponsor
expedition, hostile expedition, military expedition
a military campaign designed to achieve a specific objective in a foreign country
combat mission
a mission to capture or defend something
search mission
a mission to discover something
search and destroy mission
an operation developed for United States troops in Vietnam; troops would move through a designated area destroying troops as they found them
close support
close-in firing by one unit against an enemy engaged by another unit
direct support
a mission requiring one force to support another specific force and authorizing it to answer directly the supported force's request for assistance
amphibious demonstration
an amphibious operation conducted for the purpose of deceiving the enemy and leading him into a course of action unfavorable to him
ground attack
an attack by ground troops
an impetuous rush toward someone or something
banzai attack, banzai charge
a mass attack of troops without concern for casualties; originated by Japanese who accompanied it with yells of `banzai'
diversion, diversionary attack
an attack calculated to draw enemy defense away from the point of the principal attack
incursion, penetration
an attack that penetrates into enemy territory
blitz, blitzkrieg
a swift and violent military offensive with intensive aerial bombardment
an attack that is intended to seize or inflict damage on or destroy an objective
counterattack, countermove
an attack by a defending force against an attacking enemy force in order to regain lost ground or cut off enemy advance units etc.
bombardment, bombing
an attack by dropping bombs
a large scale offensive (more than a counterattack) undertaken by a defending force to seize the initiative from an attacking force
dirty war
an offensive conducted by secret police or the military of a regime against revolutionary and terrorist insurgents and marked by the use of kidnapping and torture and murder with civilians often being the victims
push back, rollback
the act of forcing the enemy to withdraw
amphibious assault
an amphibious operation attacking a land base that is carried out by troops that are landed by naval ships
intelligence, intelligence activity, intelligence operation
the operation of gathering information about an enemy
black operation
a covert operation not attributable to the organization carrying it out
fire, firing
the act of firing weapons or artillery at an enemy
an attack of machine-gun fire or cannon fire from a low flying airplane
coup de main, surprise attack
an attack without warning
Type of:
any specific behavior

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