1. marketing cost the cost of marketing
  2. marketing research research that gathers and analyzes information about the moving of good or services from producer to consumer
  3. market analysis marketing research that yields information about the marketplace
  4. printing business a company that does commercial printing
  5. marketing the commercial processes in promoting and selling something
  6. market analyst an analyst of conditions affecting a market
  7. marching band a band that marches and plays music at the same time
  8. trading post a retail store serving a sparsely populated region
  9. breathing apparatus a device that facilitates breathing in cases of respiratory failure
  10. lubricating substance a substance capable of reducing friction by making surfaces smooth or slippery
  11. market price the price at which buyers and sellers trade the item in an open marketplace
  12. market forces the interaction of supply and demand that shapes a market economy
  13. market keeper a merchant who owns or manages a shop
  14. market cross a cross-shaped monument set up in the marketplace of a town where public business is often conducted
  15. printing press a machine used for printing
  16. lubricating system mechanical system of lubricating internal combustion engines in which a pump forces oil into the engine bearings
  17. meeting place a public facility to meet for open discussion
  18. market garden a garden where fruit and vegetables are grown for marketing
  19. melting point the temperature at which a solid turns into a liquid
  20. meat-packing business wholesale packaging of meat for future sale