major form class

Definitions of major form class
  1. noun
    any of the major parts of speech of traditional grammar
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    the word class that can serve as the subject or object of a verb, the object of a preposition, or in apposition
    the word class that serves as the predicate of a sentence
    the word class that qualifies nouns
    the word class that qualifies verbs or clauses
    auxiliary verb
    a verb that combines with another verb in a verb phrase to help form tense, mood, voice, or condition of the verb it combines with
    the uninflected form of the verb
    participial, participle
    a non-finite form of the verb; in English it is used adjectivally and to form compound tenses
    phrasal verb
    an English verb followed by one or more particles where the combination behaves as a syntactic and semantic unit
    transitive, transitive verb, transitive verb form
    a verb (or verb construction) that requires an object in order to be grammatical
    intransitive, intransitive verb, intransitive verb form
    a verb (or verb construction) that does not take an object
    type of:
    form class, part of speech, word class
    one of the traditional categories of words intended to reflect their functions in a grammatical context
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