Maddening things are extremely irritating: they make you mad. Some drivers have the maddening habit of following other cars too closely on the highway.

If something annoys you a lot, it's maddening. You might try to ignore the maddening tune your sister keeps whistling, or decide to leave a movie half way through because of the maddening acting style of its leading man. The adjective maddening comes from the less-common verb madden, "annoy someone," or "drive someone insane." Both words are rooted in the Old English gemædde, "out of one's mind."

Definitions of maddening
  1. adjective
    extremely annoying or displeasing
    “the ceaseless tumult of the jukebox was maddening
    synonyms: exasperating, infuriating, vexing
    causing displeasure or lacking pleasing qualities
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