Use the adjective infuriating to describe something that makes you really, really angry. It's infuriating to see a little kid being bullied.

When something makes you furious it's infuriating. You can use the word to talk about things that are truly offensive or outrageous — someone snatching your grandmother's purse, for example — or things that are merely aggravating or annoying. You might find it infuriating trying to parallel park on a busy street or waiting in line at the post office. The roots of infuriating can be traced all the way back to the Latin furere, which means "to rage" or "to be mad."

Definitions of infuriating
  1. adjective
    extremely annoying or displeasing
    “her infuriating indifference”
    synonyms: exasperating, maddening, vexing
    causing displeasure or lacking pleasing qualities
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