lyric poem

When a poet writes an emotional, rhyming poem, she can call it a lyric poem.

Lyric poems have a musical rhythm, and their topics often explore romantic feelings or other strong emotions. You can usually identify a lyric poem by its musicality: if you can imagine singing it, it's probably lyric. In ancient Greece and Rome, lyric poems were in fact sung to the strums of an accompanying lyre. It's the word lyre, in fact, that is at the root of lyric; the Greek lyrikos means "singing to the lyre."

Definitions of lyric poem
  1. noun
    a short poem of songlike quality
    synonyms: lyric
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    a lyric poem with complex stanza forms
    an ode honoring a bride and bridegroom
    Horatian ode, Sapphic ode
    an ode with several stanzas
    Pindaric, Pindaric ode
    an ode form used by Pindar; has triple groups of triple units
    choral ode
    ode sung by the chorus in classical Greek drama
    type of:
    poem, verse form
    a composition written in metrical feet forming rhythmical lines
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