You can use the adjective luxuriant to describe something really luxurious or full and lush. If you walk through a dense forest after it rains, it's really luxuriant with green plants overgrowing the paths.

Natural, growing things are luxuriant when they're fertile and full of life. People and places that show a fullness of life and wealth are also luxuriant. If you enter a room full of deep, plush couches and expensive decorations you're in a luxuriant space. And anything really enjoyable to the senses — whether costly or not — can be luxuriant, like a really rich and creamy piece of warm vanilla cake with a large hot chocolate: that's luxuriant.

Definitions of luxuriant
  1. adjective
    produced or growing in extreme abundance
    synonyms: exuberant, lush, profuse, riotous
    present in great quantity
  2. adjective
    displaying luxury and furnishing gratification to the senses
    synonyms: epicurean, luxurious, sybaritic, voluptuary, voluptuous
    characterized by or given to yielding to the wishes of someone
  3. adjective
    marked by complexity and richness of detail
    synonyms: elaborate, ornate
    not plain; decorative or ornamented
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Commonly confused words

luxuriant / luxurious

In yet another attempt to reduce English to features and selling points, advertisers often use luxuriant to describe their products or services.

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