Are you feeling really happy and enthusiastic about something? Describe yourself with the adjective exuberant!

Exuberant can be traced back to the same Indo-European root that has brought the word udder. If you picture the plentiful amount of milk a cow can give, it is easy to remember that exuberant always describes something that is abundant or plentiful like exuberant foliage. Abundance also comes into play in its primary use today to mean very enthusiastic, full of energy or overjoyed. When the bell rings on the last day of school, you will be exuberant.

Definitions of exuberant
  1. adjective
    joyously unrestrained
    synonyms: ebullient, high-spirited
    displaying animation, vigor, or liveliness
  2. adjective
    unrestrained, especially with regard to feelings
    exuberant compliments”
    synonyms: excessive, extravagant, overweening
    not subject to restraint
  3. adjective
    produced or growing in extreme abundance
    synonyms: lush, luxuriant, profuse, riotous
    present in great quantity
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