If you're learned (pronounced LUR-ned), you're highly educated, or you have or show a profound knowledge of some kind.

The adjective learned comes from the verb learn. You can use it either to describe someone as having a lot of education, like the learned shopkeeper who used to tell you about the Trojan War while you picked out your candy, or to describe something that doesn't come naturally, but has to be learned (in which case it's pronounced LURND). If you reward your dog when she howls, then her howling will become a learned (LURND) behavior.

Definitions of learned
  1. adjective
    having or showing profound knowledge
    “a learned jurist”
    synonyms: erudite
    characteristic of scholars or scholarship
  2. adjective
    highly educated; having extensive information or understanding
    synonyms: knowing, knowledgeable, lettered, well-educated, well-read
    possessing an education (especially having more than average knowledge)
  3. adjective
    established by conditioning or learning
    synonyms: conditioned
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    innate, unconditioned, unlearned
    not established by conditioning or learning
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