If you're conditioned to expect something, it means you've learned over time or been taught to anticipate it. Many people become conditioned to eat something sweet after dinner.

Most adults, through the habit of brushing their teeth every morning and night for their whole lives, become conditioned to brush regularly. In other words, they've been taught or trained to do it. Another way to be conditioned is to be in great physical shape: "I've never felt so conditioned as when I took that tap dancing class!" The adjective conditioned comes from the Old French condicion, "stipulation, state, or behavior."

Definitions of conditioned
  1. adjective
    established by conditioning or learning
    “a conditioned response”
    synonyms: learned
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    innate, unconditioned, unlearned
    not established by conditioning or learning
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  2. adjective
    physically fit
    synonyms: in condition
    physically and mentally sound or healthy
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