lead off

Definitions of lead off
  1. verb
    set in motion, cause to start
    synonyms: begin, commence, start
    have a beginning, of a temporal event
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    end, terminate
    bring to an end or halt
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    jump-start, jumpstart
    start or re-start vigorously
    cause to start anew
    inaugurate, introduce, usher in
    be a precursor of
    set off
    set in motion or cause to begin
    commence, embark on, start, start up
    get off the ground
    inaugurate, kick off
    commence officially
    begin or set in action, of meetings, speeches, recitals, etc.
  2. verb
    teach immoral behavior to
    “It was common practice to lead off the young ones, and teach them bad habits”
    synonyms: lead astray
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    type of:
    corrupt, debase, debauch, demoralise, demoralize, deprave, misdirect, pervert, profane, subvert, vitiate
    corrupt morally or by intemperance or sensuality
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