To inaugurate means to start something, to give it a kick off. The opening day pep rally inaugurates the high school football season.

Inaugurate comes from the Latin word augur, which means taking signs from birds, or telling the future. The Romans would always look for good omens to mark the beginning of something — a war, or a new emperor’s reign — so inaugurate became linked to new beginnings. While inaugurate has long been used in formal contexts, such as the swearing-in ceremony that inaugurates a President's term in office, the word is now also used casually. You might inaugurate your marathon training with a long run.

Definitions of inaugurate
  1. verb
    commence officially
    synonyms: kick off
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    swear in
    administer on oath to
    open to public use, as of a highway, park, or building
    type of:
    commence, embark on, start, start up
    get off the ground
  2. verb
    be a precursor of
    synonyms: introduce, usher in
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    type of:
    begin, commence, lead off, start
    set in motion, cause to start
  3. verb
    open ceremoniously or dedicate formally
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    type of:
    begin or set in action, of meetings, speeches, recitals, etc.
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