1. lancet a surgical knife with a pointed double-edged blade
  2. lansat East Indian tart yellow berrylike fruit
  3. lancewood source of most of the lancewood of commerce
  4. lanset East Indian tart yellow berrylike fruit
  5. languid lacking spirit or liveliness
  6. leoncita small South American marmoset with silky fur and long nonprehensile tail
  7. Lancelot one of the knights of the Round Table
  8. linseed the seed of flax used as a source of oil
  9. lanyard a cord worn around the neck to hold a whistle, badge, etc.
  10. lens hood a tubular attachment used to keep stray light out of the lens of a camera
  11. melancholy a constitutional tendency to be gloomy and depressed
  12. laniard a cord worn around the neck to hold a knife or whistle
  13. lancinate painful as if caused by a sharp instrument
  14. landed owning or consisting of land or real estate
  15. balanced being in a state of proper equilibrium
  16. lance a long pointed rod used as a weapon
  17. land the solid part of the earth's surface
  18. landau a four-wheel covered carriage with a roof divided into two parts (front and back) that can be let down separately
  19. lanate covered with dense cottony hairs or hairlike filaments
  20. lancelet small translucent lancet-shaped burrowing marine animal

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