The noun lancet describes a small, double-edged surgical knife used to make incisions.

A lancer is a soldier bearing a long spear, called a lance, while a lancet is like a tiny spear — sharp on two sides and meant to pierce things. And though a soldier could wield a lancet, it's more likely to be used by a surgeon. A lancet arch is an architectural term used to describe an arch that peaks at the top. Most buildings with lancet arches are not places where you’d use a lancet, though.

Definitions of lancet
  1. noun
    a surgical knife with a pointed double-edged blade; used for punctures and small incisions
    synonyms: lance
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    type of:
    surgical knife
    a very sharp knife used in surgery
  2. noun
    an acutely pointed Gothic arch, like a lance
    synonyms: lancet arch
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    type of:
    Gothic arch
    a pointed arch; usually has a joint (instead of a keystone) at the apex
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