1. key word a significant word used in indexing or cataloging
  2. keyboard set of levers that can be pressed, as on a piano or computer
  3. chord a combination of three or more notes that blend harmoniously
  4. cord a line made of twisted fibers or threads
  5. keycard a rectangular piece of plastic that opens or starts a device
  6. Korda British filmmaker (born in Hungary) (1893-1956)
  7. Kurd a member of a people who live in Kurdistan, a region in southwest Asia; the largest ethnic group without their own state
  8. guard watch over or shield from danger or harm
  9. record anything providing permanent evidence about past events
  10. gourd any vine of the family Cucurbitaceae that bears fruits with hard rinds
  11. gird bind with something round or circular
  12. byword a condensed but memorable saying
  13. card thin cardboard, usually rectangular
  14. geordie the nonstandard dialect of natives of Newcastle-upon-Tyne
  15. Geordie a native of Newcastle-upon-Tyne
  16. reword express the same message in different words
  17. get word come to learn or become aware of
  18. curd coagulated milk; used to make cheese
  19. Heyward United States writer (1885-1940)
  20. word a unit of language that native speakers can identify