A journalist is a person whose job involves writing nonfiction stories for newspapers, magazines, or online news sites. If you are reading or hearing a news story, you have a journalist to thank for providing that story.

One type of journalist is a reporter, who researches topics and interviews people before writing a story or producing a piece for TV. Editors, photographers, and columnists can also be described as journalists, particularly if they work for a newspaper. Another kind of journalist is a person who regularly writes in a journal or diary. Journalist comes from the Old French jornel, "day" or "day's work," which became journal, "daily publication."

Definitions of journalist
  1. noun
    a writer for newspapers and magazines
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    Alfred Alistair Cooke
    United States journalist (born in England in 1908)
    Elizabeth Merriwether Gilmer
    United States journalist who wrote a syndicated column of advice to the lovelorn (1870-1951)
    Horace Greeley
    United States journalist with political ambitions (1811-1872)
    Edgar Albert Guest
    United States journalist (born in England) noted for his syndicated homey verse (1881-1959)
    Walter Lippmann
    United States journalist (1889-1974)
    Henry Louis Mencken
    United States journalist and literary critic (1880-1956)
    John Reed
    United States journalist who reported on the October Revolution from Petrograd in 1917; founded the Communist Labor Party in America in 1919; is buried in the Kremlin in Moscow (1887-1920)
    Elizabeth Cochrane Seaman
    muckraking United States journalist who exposed bad conditions in mental institutions (1867-1922)
    William Lawrence Shirer
    United States broadcast journalist who was in Berlin at the outbreak of World War II (1904-1993)
    Sir Henry Morton Stanley
    Welsh journalist and explorer who led an expedition to Africa in search of David Livingstone and found him in Tanzania in 1871; he and Livingstone together tried to find the source of the Nile River (1841-1904)
    Joseph Lincoln Steffens
    United States journalist whose exposes in 1906 started an era of muckraking journalism (1866-1936)
    Isidor Feinstein Stone
    United States journalist who advocated liberal causes (1907-1989)
    Theodore Harold White
    United States political journalist (1915-1986)
    Alexander Woollcott
    United States drama critic and journalist (1887-1943)
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    broadcast journalist
    a journalist who broadcasts on radio or television
    columnist, editorialist
    a journalist who writes editorials
    correspondent, newspaperman, newspaperwoman, newswriter, pressman
    a journalist employed to provide news stories for newspapers or broadcast media
    a journalist who writes for a gazette
    a journalist who presents a story primarily through the use of photographs
    penman, scribbler, scribe
    informal terms for journalists
    sob sister
    a journalist who specializes in sentimental stories
    sports writer, sportswriter
    a journalist who writes about sports
    foreign correspondent
    a journalist who sends news reports and commentary from a foreign country for publication or broadcast
    newspaper columnist
    a columnist who writes for newspapers
    war correspondent
    a journalist who sends news reports and commentary from a combat zone or place of battle for publication or broadcast
    type of:
    author, writer
    a person who writes (books or stories or articles or the like) professionally (for pay)
  2. noun
    someone who keeps a diary or journal
    synonyms: diarist, diary keeper
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    Samuel Pepys
    English diarist whose diary contained detailed descriptions of 17th century disasters in England (1633-1703)
    type of:
    a person who is able to write and has written something
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