A correspondent is a reporter who writes or records stories on one topic or from one region. If you're hired as a radio station's financial correspondent, you'll need to do a lot of research on the economy.

A journalist might work as a TV station's Middle East correspondent or a newspaper's education correspondent. You can also call yourself a correspondent if you're a regular letter or email writer, corresponding, or communicating, with someone. As an adjective, though, correspondent means "matching or agreeing." The word is rooted in the Medieval Latin correspondere, "to answer together."

Definitions of correspondent
  1. noun
    a journalist employed to provide news stories for newspapers or broadcast media
    synonyms: newspaperman, newspaperwoman, newswriter, pressman
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    foreign correspondent
    a journalist who sends news reports and commentary from a foreign country for publication or broadcast
    war correspondent
    a journalist who sends news reports and commentary from a combat zone or place of battle for publication or broadcast
    type of:
    a writer for newspapers and magazines
  2. adjective
    similar or equivalent in some respects though otherwise dissimilar
    synonyms: analogous
    marked by correspondence or resemblance
  3. noun
    someone who communicates by means of letters
    synonyms: letter writer
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    pen pal, pen-friend
    a person you come to know by frequent friendly correspondence
    type of:
    a person who communicates with others
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